Chopard 150th Anniversary Collection

Chopard’s Happy Diamonds Collection is renowned by the incomparable radiance. In 1976, the talented Chopard designer Ronald Kurowski designed the first „Happy Diamonds” watch. Its dial between two sapphire watch crystals,Omega Replica Watches is surrounded by diamonds in a free-style movement giving a special glow to the watch. This year, in 2010, in order to mark its 150th Anniversary, Chopard launches a major new Happy Diamonds collection: The Animal World Watch. With new conception, this collection is welcomed by women in the luxury world. This time, beautiful Rolex Replica Watches but independent women can really wear animals on their hands! Following the traditional style of Chopard Happy Diamonds watches (with the similar case shape and having the free

floating diamonds in the watch), this collection is featured by its animal designs in the watches. If you are a animal-lover, you can own Polar Bear, Monkey and Penguin along with you no matter where you are. This collection Fake Omega Watches is designed very meticulously. The animals are made of shining diamonds and are placed in a background of their own living environment. The Polar Bear lives in the ice world. The lovely monkey is in the jungle with the braches and peaches painted in the watch’s dial. And the penguin lives among with her Cheap Replica Watches mates. It radiates a playful, fun spirit as well as beauty and elegance, and seems to be a combination that will immediately tightly chase the female clients’ hearts.

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