HMF Totem Q250 Quadcopter Frame Kit Review

HMF Totem Q250 is a 4 axis quad copter frame kit. I bought it because it applies a kind of new material-glass fiber that i haven’t seen in other copter frames, and i want to try something new. i am going share my review of the frame in the followings.

HMF Totem Q250 has a new through machine appearance, eliminating our visual fatigue. Its arms adopt downward angle design, and are made of PA66+fiber glass making a lighter and stronger frame only weighing at 108g. How strong is it? There was one time that HMF Totem Q250 quad copter collided a barrier, but it remained complete without any damage. I haven’t expected that before bought it, so it is really surprising.

The wheelbase is 250mm, allocating enough space for us to install all components you want. But the working situation is excellent if you equip with firmware following the manufacturer’s recommendation(Emax 1806/2204 Motor, Emax 12A ESC, 5045/6045 Prop, 3S 1300-1500mAh lipo battery, WSX 11. 1V 30C 1500mAh Battery, CC3D Flight controller). Besides, HMF Totem Q250 has a camera install plate, suitable for 28*28mm camera installation.

Although HMF Totem Q250 is small, it can satisfy both our fly and shooting needs. It really impresses me, i hope you will love it too.

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