Tarot FY690S Full 6Axis Carbon Fiber Folding Frame Review

Hello, everybody! What’s I going to introduce today is Tarot FY690S, the full 6axis folding carbon fiber frame ready for hexacopter. Probably this is very good news for DIY hobbyists, cause you can freely make use of the 6axis carbon fiber frame. At least, it’s much simple convenient for FPV enthusiasts to make free installation. Now we take a closer look at the great frame!

First of all, Tarot FY690S adopts Toray carbon fiber 3K weave, carbon fiber plate as well as hollow pure carbon fiber 3K carbon fiber tube in full CNC machining. The entire chassis only weighs 600 grams with 690mm in wheelbase, 11-13mm inch in carbon fiber propeller. The 16MM new multi-axis motor mount to back new brushless ESC position allow to be directly tied.

What’s more, Tarot FY690S adopts carbon fiber deck pretty similar with integrated PCB board. In another word, users can solder the ESC power cable directly onto the deck, which saves a lot of heavy and messy cables. The upgraded motor mount smaller and lighter can be better handled. Additionally, the legs lock mechanism makes it much tougher than previous one.

You can put smaller and lighter motor and props, 3S battery on it to become a Gopro camera platform, or put a big motor and props, 4S battery on it to carry bigger camera and bigger camera gimbal. This is huge difference for a drone this size, it handles pretty well. Compared with multi-rotor frame in the size, Tarot FY690S can carry and bear much heavier load.

Moreover, the assembly of Tarot FY690S is pretty simple for you to handle. The frame balance is quite good, by default you put the battery on top of the body to counter the camera weight. Although the factory assumes you to mount a camera underneath, you’d better put the battery at the rear end of the drone to reach better CG, cause you have to move the camera forward,

Last but not least, Tarot FY690S is suitable for high portability usage in addition to aerial photography, especially for do surveillance, remote sensing, mapping, airborne reconnaissance, fire observation, life exploration, cable transmission line, farm monitoring, and other high-portability missions.

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