The shocking Secrets of XK Alien X250 RC Quadcopter

With the launch of the XK Alien X250, a newest RC quadcopter, lots of RC quad hobbyists still know little about it. As a matter of fact, there are some shocking secrets hiding behind this quad. Next, please follow my steps to reveal the secrets.

One of the awesome secrets is that XK Alien X250 contains high precision air pressure needle to fix height. Air pressure needle is able to feel the air pressure and then to adjust the height of the flight, which is good to reduce electricity consumption and ensure the safety of flight. Moreover, the quad provides colorful and bright LED and Fail Safe Function. When your quad is out of control, the LED will flash and then the quad will land in automatic way. There are six axis on the quad, largely improving the stability and the ability to resist strong wind.

In addition, XK Alien X250 is equipped with One Key To Roll. This feature is rather suitable for beginners because it is very easy to control during flying. And its control distance is more than 300m. It not only adopts 2. 4GHz communication technology but also is compatible with FUTABA S-FHSS, bring you a stunning flying experience, and it has no interference by other transmitter.

Furthermore, XK Alien X250 includes a high discharge rate lipo battery. Its battery is 3. 7V 800mAh high 20C lipo, which can support the flight for 8-12 minutes. To your amazement, the quad has low voltage alarm function, which is a considerate design. When the quad is under low voltage status, all LED will flash to remind you, guaranteeing a safe flying for you.

What is worth mentioning is that the package doesn’t include camera. However, you can hang micro 5. 8G FPV camera on the quad, so that you can make use of it to take picture and video. All in all, XK Alien X250 is really high performance and worth purchasing. After revealing the secrets of it, can you see that the quad is waving to you?

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