Tarot TL250A Mini Carbon Fiber Quadcopter Frame with PCB Board

A small quadcopter frame like Tarot TL250A is much easier to handle for DIY hobbyists! The most integrated frame coming with integrated PCB board can greatly ease installation. And the extremely lightweight frame structure is to obtain reasonable longer life time. As for other FPV accessories, you can freely choose to make the idealized kit. More details are given hereinafter, you can keep reading if interested!

Compared with large-sized quadcopter frame, mini-sized quadcopter frame like Tarot TL250A is much more controllable as well as portable taking everything into consideration. Generally, it supports the mini camera, image overlay system, battery power, power transfer, 5. 8G wireless image transmission antenna, GPS and other electronic equipment to insert or solder to the PCB board directly.

What’s more, the pure carbon fiber main PCB board as well as 2. 1 mm with CNC parts are of great toughness. Li-polymer battery can be directly plugged into the PCB board of Tarot TL250A, which effectively decreases the flight load and eases the wiring. And the ESC can be directly welded on the corresponding PCB board by taking advantage of elastic pressure. Porous mounting plate for camera adopts center-place design, and TL300M camera is the best choice.

In addition, the tail of Tarot TL250A frame possesses protection gears for 5. 8G transmission antenna and GPS plugs. Strengthen CNC pars not only can work as nuts, but also can work as the gear plate which prevents other electronics from damaging. The 450 tripod features extreme ruggedness and it’s the most cost-effective choice. Rack comes with standard PCB board integrating all electronic product holes on it, which can reduce fly line interference.

More Cares need to be taken when installing the electrical components using the PCB. Measure with a ohm-meter, all the connections are correct in addition to the PCB not supplying 5 volts. If 5 volts is needed it must be supplied by either a UBEC or from the ESC’s. In conclusion, I would like to say that from all the 250 quads on the market today this is the most interesting one with a very good design and some brave new thoughts put into it!

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